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mass art illuminate fashion show 2017

A few weeks back, I was invited to the MassArt Illuminate fashion show, and it was nothing short of amazing! Hopefully, you got a caught it live on my Instagram stories! If not don't worry I gotcha covered with this post ;) 

You also may have caught my outfit on my Instagram, but in case you missed it here's what I wore: 

click photo for outfit details

click photo for outfit details

Would've taken the pic with a better background but I was running late, because this was right after my sons birthday party, so this is what ya get, sorry!

Special thanks to my girl Claudia for doing my makeup xo

Anyway, enough about moi....on to the show! It was SO spectacular, here are some of my favorite designs from that night: 

Aside from the beautiful designs, I think the best part was seeing all the designers walk proudly down the runway along side their work. I think it is so inspiring the work they put into their dream. The creativity is just mind blowing. Special shout out to these amazing students!

Even the room; took place beneath an installation of 10,000 glass rain drops that was created by MassArt alumni. 

I also, really loved all the diversity with the models. So many beautiful faces! I really give it up to the models because it didn't look like an easy job, but they did so awesome! 

My top faves were; the colorful long coat, the floral pieces, the old ladies (because Golden Girl vibes duh) and the bee Audrey Hepburn dresses (especially the last one, that train tho--- AHMAZING!)

Also, those little kid models were so adorable!! 

I am so thankful to MassArt for having me! It was such a fun experience.

& I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Boston blogger named Kira, who is the sweetest! So definitely check her out ;) 

The show was sold out super early, so be sure to get your tickets early next year. Trust me you don't want to miss it!




also, Tell me which was your fave?

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Pop art party kitty costume

OMG!!!! we are only a few days away from Halloween! 

it took me forever to decide what to dress up as (waaah) 

I wanted to do something original or at least with my own twist. I also love costumes that you can use your real clothes. because who really wants to pay all that money on a costume?? ridiculous! 

sooo....I asked Claudia to help me create a pop art makeup look

and the pop art party kitty was born! 

I mean what did you expect? of course I had to turn it into a party! 

now who's coming to dance with me? <meooooow> 

be sure to check out more of Claudia's halloween looks on her Instagram



P.S. what are you dressing up as? what are your halloween plans? I wannna knooow! comment below babes!



headbands & dress: Forever 21

socks: Target

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wicked awesome graphic tees by: JZD

I don't know if you gals have realized this yet...but I'm totally an undercover unicorn....

magically colorful....I mean... I don't really let anyone know this.... but I think the unicorn is officially out of the bag ;)

I am so happy to have partnered up with one of my IG besties- Jen -from Jen Zeano Designs to share with you these really awesome t-shirts from her shop! 

I think Jen totally gets me; first we have: 

the Undercover Unicorn

now I'd say it pretty obvious why I love this tee ;) 

other than the obvious- I love that the tee is a relaxed fit it's super soft and the lettering is bubble gum pink! 

this tee is perfect for me, because I love my world all magically colorful, but as for my wardrobe, I tend to be more of a minimalist. which to me is the perfect description of an undercover unicorn. I don't let just anyone know about my magic! 

I may have mentioned a time or two the new MAC Selena line.... 

well Jen just so happened to hook me up with a Selena t-shirt to go with my new Selena lippies!! YAY!! 

Oh yesss....

MY heart goes bidi bidi bom bom !!

me canta asi asiiiiii!!! 

oooo yes I love Selena! so this is the perfect tee! for this shoot I paired the tee with the color Amor Prohibido. 

for those of you who may not know Selena...Google her...and go fall in love.

Selena was a huge part of my childhood. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this tee & when the new MAC line came out. 

Selena is truly unforgettable, I still get emotional watching her interviews. Such a beautiful person inside and out. I can't help but imagine what it would be like to still have her here. 

this tee is also super soft and comfy, this one is more fitted. 

per Jens suggestion I ordered my real size in the undercover unicorn tee, and a size up in the Selena Tee. 

these tees are perfect for you and your girl gang! Whether you're Selena lovers and sing all of Selena songs at the top of your lungs with your girls and uber driver.... or magical undercover unicorns who are always on that color hunt! 

Visit Jens shop by clicking here & you know we have a special discount code just for you! Use the code HAPPYSOIREE and get 10% off, valid from 10/22/16-10/26/16

be sure to check it out and follow her on Instagram: @jenzeanodesigns 

stay magical my beautiful friends!! 



*as always: just know even though I was gifted these tees, all opinions are honest & my own

direct links to tees:

Undercover unicorn (i'm wearing a medium) 

Selena Quintanilla Shirt - Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Tee (i'm wearing a large)

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Girl gang getaway gift

As you know all know the girls and I hit the road to New York for my 30th birthday!

It was my first girls getaway trip since my 25th birthday in Miami. We had soo much in New York (stay tuned because obviously I will share all the details with you this week here on the blog!)

So the girls planned out all the details for the trip, because I'm definitely not a planner....tho I wish I was. I'm more of the: "lalalala just point me in the fun direction" type of friend. Steph is pretty much the same, Jenny and Vicky are the planners. 

Only thing I did know was that I wanted to give them all a little thank you gift for the trip. 

So I made a girl gang gift for our little weekend getaway. 


 I knew I wanted some eye sleeping masks, so I was on a mission to find some really cute girly but not too kiddish eye masks. I found some at Forever 21. By the way am I only the only one who gets caught up in all their cute stuff they have strategically placed near the registers??!! 

I also picked up some party sweets flavored Lip Smackers- because duhhh, they had birthday cake and donut flavored ones in the package! I found these at Target

The Little Arrow girl gang patches were a no brainer! They are the perfect addition, they totally make the gifts. These are available in the Soiree Shop

Lastly, I attached some cute paper stock I had from my Messy Boxes from A beautiful Mess subscription. I wrote a little thank you message on the back of each card. 

To make them extra pretty I filled each bag with some pink gift shredded paper filler. Then I just stapled them shut! 

I am so happy that the girls loved their gifts! This was such a small gesture to say thank you to a great group of friends who went above and beyond to make sure I had the best birthday. Love these girls so much! 

Thanks again girls!! and thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday- You all are the bestest :)