melinda rodrigues

graphic designer

residence: boston -born & raised.

passions: editorial // typography // publication // illustration // brand design // photography // web design

Hi! I’m Melinda-

Graphic Designer, Illustrations, and a touch of photography- deep love for visual art creation! 

My story: 

Straight out of high school I felt unsure what the universe had in store for me- career-wise. since i was a kid, art was my passion but i didn’t think there was career So instead of college, I entered the customer service & admin field. I think initially I just wanted to wear cute office clothes! Well, this led me to work at a hospital, where I realized i love helping people. my job at the hospital gave me a lot of confidence as a professional, I gained a lot of useful skills. however even though i am good at my job- i also realized healthcare wasn’t where I wanted to be. 

as a creative outlet I began blogging and creating content, making connections with other bloggers, designing marketing materials for my blog, shooting photos, even designing parties! Which led me to discover my obsession with visual design. At 28 I returned to school to pursue graphic design, I also took a marketing class even though it wasn’t part of my curriculum- just because I was interested in how the entire thing works. I truly believe graphic design and marketing go hand and hand. 

Since being in school, I shifted my focus from blogging to more design. I have worked with companies and brands to create; social media content, custom brand illustrations, web design, layout design, re-brand design, and most recently I designed a t-shirt for my favorite female owned Latinx small business, you can see that here.

Although I have the core skills to adapt to client needs, I would describe my personal design style as very feminine, raw, modern and fun. i love to learn new techniques, so I’m always following the latest design trends looking for opportunities to learn something new! I also like to create work that is inclusive and diverse, because representation is very important to me. 

My favorite thing about what I do is; giving visual life to someone’s dream. Helping people build their brands- it really is magical!

so let’s make dreams come true & make magic together!


Q & A

  • what’s your sign? libra baby!

  • what’s your ethnicity? latina- ecuadorian

  • favorite thing about yourself? my sense of humor- it’s hereditary + who doesn’t love to laugh?

  • what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunday? absolutely nothing. - unless you ask me to brunch!

  • top of the bucket list? italy

  • favorite movie? top of my head: bridesmaids

  • binge worthy shows? yikes, i watch too much tv… greys anatomy, game of thrones, insecure, the handmaid's tale, grace & frankie, oooh & golden girls is on hulu now!

  • tacos or pizza? i love pizza but i’m gonna have to go with tacos extra guac!

  • favorite drink? currently: hendricks (gin) basil gimlet - yuuum!

  • my celebrity girl gang: gina rodriguez, tracee ellis-ross, issa rae, mindy kaling, rihanna, & betty white

  • favorite typeface? i think i’d have to say bodoni, it’s so classic and beautiful, also so versatile