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rodrigues family halloween dinner

Happy halloween!!

pssst...I love color....but my favorite color will always be black! 

I obviously love bright fun quirky halloween costumes....but I also really love dark creepy halloween themes. 

so this halloween we invite you to our creepy animal Rodrigues family dinner party! 

this post is for my fellow dark souls #mysoulisblack

come take a seat, pour yourself some bloody wine, and enjoy! ;)

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Pop art party kitty costume

OMG!!!! we are only a few days away from Halloween! 

it took me forever to decide what to dress up as (waaah) 

I wanted to do something original or at least with my own twist. I also love costumes that you can use your real clothes. because who really wants to pay all that money on a costume?? ridiculous! 

sooo....I asked Claudia to help me create a pop art makeup look

and the pop art party kitty was born! 

I mean what did you expect? of course I had to turn it into a party! 

now who's coming to dance with me? <meooooow> 

be sure to check out more of Claudia's halloween looks on her Instagram



P.S. what are you dressing up as? what are your halloween plans? I wannna knooow! comment below babes!



headbands & dress: Forever 21

socks: Target


DIY Joker Halloween Kids Costume

Happy Halloween everyone! This year was a real struggle coming up with a costume for my Avery. Last year I dressed him up as the Joker. 

Best idea everrrr!

Avery loves the Joker and Batman just like his big brother. He calls the Joker "Hahaha". To me he still has a personality that suits a little villain - in a cute way of course hehe

But I can't dress him up as "Hahaha" again!! It's like a rule, we can't do a repeat costume. Well I can't. Even if I could get over that silly rule (I made up for myself) Aaden didn't want to be Batman again, to complete the package.

It's really important to me that we chose a costume that suits his personality. He is definitely not a fluffy little monster, which seems to be the only type of costume they sell in his size. Aaden has been at that age for a while where he likes to choose his own costume. He also prefers a store-bought costume, and not my DIY costumes. Whatever. I let him have this one. Even though I hate buying costumes at the store.

But I'm happy to say at least they get used, the boys play dress up with them all the time. 

It wasn't easy finding any Joker costumes in his size. So what I did to create this look was buy him some purple pants in the girls section (yes, he is wearing girl pants haha) and then he already owned a white button down and vest from a Christmas outfit.

I painted his face with regular Halloween makeup. I was shocked he let me do this without a fight. He actually liked it. He had more makeup on but these pictures are from after trick or treating. A lot of rubbing his face. But I think it still looks awesome! I spray painted his hair green, with those washable hair color sprays, and voilà!

This was definitely one of my favorite Halloween costumes. Simple, easy, inexpensive, and awesome!

The kids had a blast, we went out with our little cousin Buzz Lightyear (Damon). 

His mom, my cousin Gia, who is a professional photographer, took these amazing photos of the kids. The pictures came out amazing! I love the way she captures these precious memories. 

Photos by Gia from Gia Peralta Photography.

If you would like to check out more of her amazing work, just click the link above! :)

Happy Halloween!

What are your kids dressing up as this year?

If you follow me on Instagram you can see the final decision for Avery's Halloween costume this year was Darth Vader. Aaden is a ninja :)