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Girl gang getaway gift

As you know all know the girls and I hit the road to New York for my 30th birthday!

It was my first girls getaway trip since my 25th birthday in Miami. We had soo much in New York (stay tuned because obviously I will share all the details with you this week here on the blog!)

So the girls planned out all the details for the trip, because I'm definitely not a planner....tho I wish I was. I'm more of the: "lalalala just point me in the fun direction" type of friend. Steph is pretty much the same, Jenny and Vicky are the planners. 

Only thing I did know was that I wanted to give them all a little thank you gift for the trip. 

So I made a girl gang gift for our little weekend getaway. 


 I knew I wanted some eye sleeping masks, so I was on a mission to find some really cute girly but not too kiddish eye masks. I found some at Forever 21. By the way am I only the only one who gets caught up in all their cute stuff they have strategically placed near the registers??!! 

I also picked up some party sweets flavored Lip Smackers- because duhhh, they had birthday cake and donut flavored ones in the package! I found these at Target

The Little Arrow girl gang patches were a no brainer! They are the perfect addition, they totally make the gifts. These are available in the Soiree Shop

Lastly, I attached some cute paper stock I had from my Messy Boxes from A beautiful Mess subscription. I wrote a little thank you message on the back of each card. 

To make them extra pretty I filled each bag with some pink gift shredded paper filler. Then I just stapled them shut! 

I am so happy that the girls loved their gifts! This was such a small gesture to say thank you to a great group of friends who went above and beyond to make sure I had the best birthday. Love these girls so much! 

Thanks again girls!! and thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday- You all are the bestest :)