mermaid lagoon drink

I mean OF COURSE we have a mermaid drink recipe for mermaid week!! I mean do you know who we are?

fun fact about me: I went to bartending school when I was 18, my father paid for it, I completed my week of training, got certified and never did anything with it. Yep- my father reminds me all the time. 

I think a part of me really just wanted to learn how to look cool shaking a drink mixer.

or maybe an even bigger part of me didn't realize that I was going to have to socialize with strangers if I was a bartender. I am a total introvert, and I DO NOT do small talk. Oh and let's not even talk about how I would never be able to remember what the person ordered.... yeah that's the makings of the worst bartender. 

not too long after that I thought I wanted to be a hair school dropouuuttt

sometimes it takes a few tries to figure out where you wanna be, right?

ANYWAY....... hello mermaids!!! Soiree girl Jenny & I created the perfect drink for you!

You & your mer-friends are gonna love it! 

What you need:

for the glass decoration:

  • SPRINKLES!! We mixed up some colors to make the perfect combo
  • Cookie icing- or water- or whatever you prefer to wet the rim of the glass
  • for the netting we just grabbed one of those bottle protectors at the cash register in the LQ store 
  • pretty paper straw 

the booze:

Step 1:

cut mesh in half and slide your glass through, 

then ice or wet your glass rim 

step 2:

dip the glass into your premixed sprinkles on a dish

step 3:

First fill glass with ice

& I won't even pretend that I measure, especially when making my own concoction. 

But for your sake I'd say it was equal parts of each, but just a bit more of the pineapple vodka:

then add the melon schnapps, you'll see the colors start to layer all super pretty 

then top off with passion fruit juice. (I'm currently obsessing passion fruit errthang) 

lastly, quickly toss the Hpnotiq nip. If done right it will stay inside the bottle upside down and look all fancy. 

done! Enjoy! have fun! and take lots of pics and get that perfect IG shot! ;)

this fruity drink is for the sweet lovers! We like to think mermaids like sparkly exotic fruit yummyness drinks! 

If you try this let us know, tag us on IG: @happysoiree !

Have a drank you wanna share with us? Comment below, we are always down to try new drinks! 

Cheers babes!!!!