Golden Girls Cheesecake Soiree!


I don't care how old you are, you have to know who the Golden Girls are! If you don't: go look it up- I guess I'll wait. 

So yeah, they're just the ultimate squad goals...

(at least on screen haha)

I remember growing up watching the Golden Girls before bed, every night. Why? I don't know, but I freaking loved it then & I still love it.

Bruhhh, all I need say is; Betty White

Of course I love Rose (Betty), but Sophia was always my favorite, because of her sense of humor- that will definitely be me when I'm a cute kinda mean, ok let's go with blunt instead, old lady. I always tell my husband that if I end up outliving him that my goal is to avoid shady pines & live with my old lady friends. Golden State of Mind! 

Back when I cut the cable cord, I was soo bummed I wouldn't be able to watch it anymore.... BUT then it was finally on Hulu <insert praise hands emoji> !!!  thank you thank you thank youuuuu! 

If you've never watched (gasp), you now have no excuses. Get your binge on! 

Anyway, I've been dying to have a Golden Girls themed little soirée! So I invited some friends over for some cheesecake- Golden Girls style - set in Miami, of course! ;)  

*cue the theme song.....

and if you threw a party....

Hope you loved this much as much as I did! :) 

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So where are my Golden Girl fans at? Let me know in the comments which Golden Girl you most identify with? 

Till next time, keep partying & stay Golden babes! 




P.S. thank YOU for being a friend, your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant!                               

I hope you have the song stuck in your head now. your welcome! hahaha MUAH!