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California Dreaming Birthday Party


When it comes to my son Aaden, who is now sadly old enough to make requests for his birthday party themes, I try to meet him somewhere in the middle. I can compromise.... I mean it is supposed to be about him, so even if it kills my creative soul to do a generic theme party I have to try to meet him half way. 

For his 8th birthday we planned on taking him to California, it would be our first family trip on a plane. We also planned on surprising him with Disneyland on his actual birthday. So naturally I wanted to do a California themed party-- but he wanted a Pokemon. The kid is obsessed! All he talks about his Pokemon, he has like a thousand cards. Sigh.

However, because we were planing on going on this big trip we weren't really trying to spend a lot of money on a birthday party. So it was more of a little cake cutting soiree, with close friends and family. But obviously I couldn't just do a cake....I had to add a little something for the wow factor. 

Ok, maybe I'm a little obsessed with the balloon arches now.... 


I just picked up some bags of balloons at Party City in his favorite colors. 

The Pineapple Piñata is from Target, as well as the paper plates.

I designed the picture banner using a photo I found on Pinterest and creating the graphics on Canva. I ordered a colored engineer print at Staples, they're the best it's like $4 + next day pick up!  

The cake is from Stop & Shop 

& I bought the little Pokemon on Amazon (as you can see from the pics he was SO happy when he saw them! teehehe

That's it! 

Special thanks to our friends & family who came, we love you!




P.S. stay tuned for all the pics from our family trip to California! 


Mermaid queen Soiree!

before we end our mermaid week here at Happy Soirée, of course I had to share mermaid themed party tablescape! 

I love putting together themed parties. however what I really love is finding ways to create a theme without using the obvious themed party supplies. 

there really is so many different ways to create a mermaid themed party. 

here's a mini mermaid soiree I whipped up, just for you and your girls (you beautiful mermaid queens!)

just be sure to add cake!!!

hope you love it,

and I really really hope you & your mermaids will pop some bubbly with some pretty party decor & have some fun soon- like ASAP!

& be sure to send the soiree girls and I an invite! ;)

Party supplies:



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Sophisticated Beasts Soiree

Holy Crap my bestie is 30! 

You know how people say 30 never looked so good! - Well it couldn't be truer when it comes to my girl Eliane.

I mean bruhhh, my girl is gorgeous! 

To celebrate her big dirty 30, I teamed up with the coolest gal- Niki ;) to throw her the ultimate Jungle Party. 

"She from the Jungle"- Drake

Sophisticated Beasts: 

This party wouldn't have been as amazing without the brilliantly dope mind of Niki - honestly I want her to wake up one day and say, "you know what? I want to plan parties with Melinda until the end of time"


The best part of the party was that she was surprised & loved it! I love this girl to death. Truly a beautiful girl inside and out. My creative soul mate. I don't know what I would do without all of our conversations. This girl deserves a lifetime of happiness! 

Girl- I can't believe we've been friends since we were like 19! Now we're both about to be 30 (I'll be there in a few months). 

Thank you to everyone who helped, and came dressed up! 

Special thanks to OCS Photography who took some of the awesome pics on this post AND provided us with a great mix all night! Make sure to checkout his site for his work. 

You can also follow my bestie on Insta: @dlace