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Puppy Party

I couple of week's back I had the pleasure of collaborating with some pretty awesome creative ladies, for a wicked awesome Puppy Party! 

Bonus: I got to party with some really cute pups! 

One of my good friends Vicky recently adopted a sweet little puppy named Bailey. Vicky has always loved baking. She's also really good at it, I make her bring me goodies all the time, her zucchini lemon bread- YUM! 

Well, now that she has Bailey; she was inspired to combine her to loves into delicious puppy treats. 

To celebrate both these awesome events we had a puppy party. We invited my Godson pup Nixon, and Vicky's Goddaughter pup Juno. 

I was so excited to work with her on this project. 

Another awesome treat, was collaborating with a great Boston Wedding & Pet Photographer named Lauren Dobish. I met Lauren a few months back, and just loved her work. I knew that she loved dogs so I knew this would be a perfect match!

Here are the amazing pics from our fun little puppy party, featuring my friend Vicky's Treats.

Welcome to the party! featuring: Darling Dog Treats 

I could not be happier for Vicky! Everyone knows I'm a sucker for starting a creative entrepreneurial journey. 

The pictures came out amazing, Lauren is truly talented. Listen, you thought kids were tough to photograph? Try dogs. These pups were going crazy with excitement. They had a blast. Lauren really captured all the fun. I am so thankful she hopped on board for this party. 

Here's where you can find everyone, because you really should be following these awesome women!

Lauren Dobish: laurendobishphotography.com // IG: @laurendobish 

Vicky: You can follow her personal IG: @vickmm86 account, so you can be the first to know when her Darling Dog Treats account is up and ready for ordering. 

Eliane (Nixon's mom, who is an amazing designer) : eliane-pinto.tumblr.com // IG: @dlace