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PINEAPPLE B-day brunch soiree

This past week my grandmother turned 86 - yes 86! I know she looks amazing right? Not only does she look amazing, this woman has more of a social life than me at 29! She still goes to music concerts, parties, shopping with her friends, you name it she's down to go! Minus like a keg stand- (I bet she would try it -err awkward). Everyone is always talking about how she's hilarious and they love having her around. She's the life of the party. OK you get it, she's wicked cool and a beautiful young soul.

My grandmother is the closest thing that I have to a mother. Most people have this naturally sweet relationship with their grandmothers, just like my sons have with her. But to be honest, we are so much a like we tend to but heads a lot. So we argue a lot like mother and daughter. Up until recently, I finally grew the f*ck up and realized hey she's not going to be around forever so maybe you should chill out and just enjoy her while you've got her. 

So this year I decided to do something a little special for her birthday. I have never done anything for her birthday before. Plus I really wanted to create a memory that we can always remember, especially with all the great grandchildren. 

So I called up my sister, told her to come over with my little Liah, and cut up some pineapples! 

Here are the pics for the mini soiree brunch we had for her, a little plant / pineapple themed party:

We spent most of the brunch on Snapchat, she was in tears with all the funny filters, but I'm only going to share this cute one with you :)

I didn't just choose pineapples because they're trending. Most of my memories of my grandmother are of us sitting down enjoying some fresh fruit together. Oh and FYI she is the OG plant lady. She loves flowers & everything green. It's like a rain forest in her house. So the theme was an easy choice.

This day was so great. I am so grateful to have these beautiful moments to always remember. Pictures the kids can look at when they grow up and remember this beautiful soul. She had a great time, and I couldn't have imagined a better morning than one spent with my family just laughing and eating cake for breakfast. 

Little parties are my favorite, they are so much more personal. I hope that this little party inspires you to make time to create special moments with the people you love. 



P.S. her name isn't Abee... we just stole someone's birthday banner.... just kidding. Abee is a nickname that just stuck with her after my oldest son started calling her that when he was a baby. He couldn't say Abuelita (Spanish for Grandma) so he called her Abee, and ever since then she has requested that we all call her that. 


Party Details:

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