diy mini photo album gift idea

I love sentimental gifts. The ones you know a lot of thought went into them. 

Sometimes it's a little difficult choosing what gifts to get my kids, plus my nieces and nephews- especially because they are all very fortunate so they pretty much have everything they need. 

This year I wanted to create a little special gift for my niece Liah. 

hahaha throw baacck little Melinda ....I think the bag is Chanel ;)

hahaha throw baacck little Melinda ....I think the bag is Chanel ;)

I can remember as a little girl always carrying around a little purse. Most of the time it was empty, when it wasn't it was full of random things like Barbie hair brushes, fake makeup, and whatever else I could find that was tiny enough to fit in there. 

So I found this little owl purse that I knew she would love, and thought about giving her that filled with some goodies. 

side note: I have to take advantage of all things girly! I have two sons, two nephews, and another niece who is the best kind of tomboy there is. So Liah is my chance to get all the girly thangs!

I knew I couldn't get her real makeup- she is only 3... my sister already wanted to kill me when I let her play with my tinted lipgloss buahahaha....

Bring in the super cute and fun Lip Smackers! Who doesn't love Lip Smackers? All the fun flavors and the pretty packaging, I remember getting them as a kid. So I knew she would love it! 


Then I grabbed some cute besties bracelets because her and Auntie are def besties! duh!

Now for the personal touch; I remembered having those little wallet picture albums. Please tell me you remember those? Back when wallet size photos served a purpose and we didn't have 8000 photos available at our fingertips. 

Thus the idea for this DIY was born! 

I know she would love to have some pics of her squad (her cousins) in her purse. 

I printed some small pictures off my Canon

This was such fun quick DIY, the best part is that you can always add more pages! It's the perfect gift for anyone on your list. 

Hopefully this beautiful angel of mine loves it :)  Look at that face!! Yes- I am obsessed! 


If you make one be sure to tag me on IG I would love to see it! 





P.S. to my sister who will probably see this before Christmas...don't tell her what I got her! Or else!!!


Purse & bracelets:  Primark

Lip Smackers *Disclaimer: I was gifted the Lip Smackers by the company, but all opinions are my own :) Thank you for your support. 

Leggings: Target



christmas trees that sleigh my heart

First of all- I cannot believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! It really feels like I blinked and it was Christmas! 

I love love Christmas, I love it more than my birthday! Every year I tell myself I will just reuse the Christmas decorations we already have...then I go to the store....OOOO SHINY!!! ....I think I want to do a new color cart full. 

So this year was the first year, since living in our house, we decided to go with a fake tree. & Of course I wanted a pink tree but I live in a house full of I didn't win that battle. 

Even tho I didn't get my pink dreams tree...I wanted to share some of my all time favorite trees by some of my favorite bloggers:

Black & White Ombre Tree by Little Inspiration:

aaahhh I love love this tree! You all know how much I love the color black! This tree sleighs my soul because 1. it's white and black 2. it's so unique and creative. I probably could've gotten away with this one in the house...

The party tree by Sugar & Cloth:

I I really even need to explain why I love this? The party girl in me is screaming YASSS!! but also: "why didn't I think of that?"  This is the perfect mini tree for your holiday parties! 

Yes pink! by LuellaJune

pretty pretty pretty....oh so pretty in pink! i have a serious love affair with flocked Christmas trees. It especially looks so beautiful with all the pinks, golds, and rose gold ornaments. 

the diy by the lolly Jane:

oh the beautiful simplicity/super cool DIY of this tree. Love it! The perfect color combos, this is just way too cute.

Since I know I couldn't get away with a pink tree in my house, I tried to convince the hubs to at least let me do white-but he wasn't feeling it. I think because waaay back when we had our first apartment, we had a little white tree, however, as it aged it turned yellow. like peepee snow yeah. I guess I get it. 

the Floral Tree by design love fest:

THIS tree will always be one of my top favorite trees ever! i mean seriously, it's perfectly whimsically wrapped in flowers!!! so freaking beautiful! and it makes me feel like Christmas in a hot state may not be the worst thing ever. 

meet me at the disco by studio diy:

can you just hear the sounds of heaven? I don't care who you are or what you're into, you can not tell me this isn't the coolest Christmas tree ever! Blast that Christmas music and let's drank and be merry dancing the night away! 

pretty in pink by the pink dream:

this tree is so gorgeous! I love how she combined classic Christmas with pink and donuts and pineapples! it's so subtle yet super fun. I feel like this tree is most like me, very classic, girly, till you get up close and you discover all the really fun surprises! At least that's how I like to think I am ; ) oh and there's even the letter M hanging on it! 


I still haven't decided if I really love my little pencil tree....we usually go for the biggest and fullest tree we can find. But I'm adjusting. If you follow me on Instagram than you probably saw it on my stories, if not I will share it on my holiday party post, so stay tuned!

Do any of these trees sleigh your heart? What kind of tree do you have? How did you decorate it? Are you a crazed OCD tree decorator like me? Readjusting the ornaments your kids put on the tree when they're asleep? Or is that just me?  let me know...I'd love to know!