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Simple Mother's Day Celebration

This year for Mother's Day we wanted to something a little special for my mother in law, who's birthday falls on the first of May, since we were not able to see on her birthday. We planned to spend mothers day with her and my sister in law, who also is a mom. 

Confession- my husband and I always think of things last minute. Sooo...1 hour before they were supposed to arrive, so that we could all go out for dinner, we decided to get her a birthday cake. 

Then- being who I am I decided that not only are we going to give her a cake, we should pop some Rosé and hang up some decorations. I mean why not?

Luckily because parties are my life, I already had the decorations on hand. 

Here is something super cute and simple you can pull off if you save those tissue decorations, don't throw them out they're definitely reusable and who knows when you'll need them! (I'm totally not encouraging you to be a hoarder, but seriously save them!)

Super cute right?

All we did was pick up an already made cheesecake (that was amazingly delicious!) at a local bakery and bought a bottle of Rosé. 

I already had the tissue fans and I quickly cut up some gold tissue paper I had. Voila! Super simple Mothers Day / Birthday Celebration! 



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