Avery's b-boy spiderman party

Whoa my baby boy is 4! I still can't believe how big he his. He's talking so much now. This was the 1st year that he was very clear on what he wanted for his birthday theme. Spiderman! 

Me being me-- I couldn't just do any old spiderman party. He's really into dancing right now. He tries to breakdance and do some hip hop moves--- tho it looks more like interpretive dancing. Either way I love it! It's the cutest! 

So I really wanted to tie his new found love for dancing in with spiderman. I'm also really into monochrome modern parties right now. Once again-- we all know I love the color black #mymoodisblack ;) 

The big goal was to create something he would love, but also something our wallet would love. 

Here's how I pulled it off: 

That's it! I hope you loved this party as much as we did! 

It's really easy to get all excited about decorating a party, next thing you know you went way over budget! Don't be afraid to keep your decorations simple and minimal. It can still look great & I'm sure your guest of honor will still love it! 



Spidey Bboy prints, Avery's 4th Birthday sign & Thank you notes : Little Magic Prints

Spiderman sugar cookies: Comfy Sweets

BoomBox Pinata: Target

Marble Balloons: Meri Meri

Spider balloons, gift boxes, plates & napkins: Shop Sweet Lulu

Gold necklaces: Party City