Too cool for school- 6 best sites for e-courses

It's back to school season! Queue all the back to school posts. But maybe you can't relate, because: 

1. you hate school (I don't blame you)

2. been there done that & I already graduated <yeezy voice> (congrats you lil rock star)

3. all of the above^^

However, maybe you have an itch to learn something new, but you either don't want to go back to school or invest or just don't have the time.

Listen I am all about growth and learning over here. I definitely think whether you decide to be a professional college student or not, you should always strive to keep learning new thangs!

I recently returned to college to get my degree in Graphic Design, only because I need structure, because honestly I lack discipline sometimes + I always hated school. Although this time around hasn't been too bad, I think it all comes down to whether you love what you're learning or not.

Anyway there are soo many ways to learns some new skills without the insane school bill.

So I gotchu... here is a list of all the cool site that offer classes to get those creative minds working:

  1. A Beautiful Mess- One of my all time favorite blogs. It's like the Beyonce of all awesome blogs. These girls know exactly what they're doing, everything they touch turns to gold. they're such an inspiration. & Guess what?  they share all their genius with everyone in their classes! They have classes for: starting a small business, photography, scrapbooking, sewing, blog design, and Photoshop! 
  2. Brit + Co- another fun fave blog- but did you know they have a BUNCH of classes on their site? the first one I took was FREE and it's still up there for FREE! they have classes in the following categories: Art + Design, Business + tech, Needle + thread, and Home + Style. Bonus points: all of the classes are super affordable. 
  3. Alisa Burke- do you have a love for all things art? if you are looking to get into learning some beautiful artsy skills-then who better to learn from than an amazing artist? I fell in love with Alisa's blog a long time ago, because not only is her art work amazing, but she seems like such a free spirit. I love the beautiful life she's created with her daughter and husband. seeing pictures of her daughter painting always brings me back to my childhood. but yes,,,, I've taken a few of her painting classes- SO good. Her classes are also very affordable. Keep an eye out because she usually posts deals for her classes and package deals. 
  4. Wonderlass- are you a blogging babe? or want to be a blogging babe? well this is one of the best site for help with blogging and business tips. Most of them are free! There are tons of business coaches out there, you probably have been sucked into those sites claiming to have some big secret to success only to find the same old basic points- well Allison is legit. she gives tons of valuable content, did you read that? I said: VALUABLE! she also does awesome webinars! Oh & you know she got me with her love for color ;)
  5. Skillshare- I have learned soo many things on Skillshare. There are so many different categories for creatives. From learning photography to starting your own business. There really is so much! They have some classes for free, but you can also sign up for their premium plan, which is $10/a month, if you want to try out the premium package for 3 months for only .99 cents you can use my code: just click here. I have the premium plan just because there really is so many more classes on the premium plan. There is literally something for everyone; blogging, fitness, art, DIY, business, cooking, Photoshop... the list goes on and on!
  6. The Alison show- I'm sure you know Alison from her AMAZING parties & her impressive dance skills ;) but did you know that she offers to classes on her site? An awesome party planning course and a sugar cookie class! Yup- she's giving up all her secrets on how she pulls off her amazing and unique parties. Have you seen her cookies? The girl has plenty of skills- but those cookie icing skills are top notch! I have taken the party planning course and it was really really good. So if you're into parties and cookies- I mean who isn't? but you are ready to take your parties to the next level than this is a no brainer! If you take the cookie course- make sure you send your girl (me) some! ;)

That's my top 6 sites with e-courses. There really are so many sites and blogs with e-courses, but I really wanted to keep it short and choose ones that I have personally taken and are affordable but high quality. You can learn so many things online now, it really is a great time to be alive!

So remember ladies: 

never stop learning! learn all the things!





Have you taken any e-courses? Do share your faves in the comments, I love to discover new info!