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Joker Party -Avery's 3rd Birthday Party

I seriously can't believe my little man is 3 years old. 

That's my little babyyyyy!!! WAH!!

Ok...sorry, I'm done. 

I try not to get hung up on whether or not he will be last child, but if he is... than wow he's already 3. Soon he'll be in school. 

What will I do all day? 

He's my little snuggle buddy. My crazy little boy. 

Avery has always been way more wild than Aaden. 

Aaden has always been a die hard Batman fan. Out of the 2 of them Avery is definitely the villain - I can say that because he's my son! Chill, Why sooo serious? I think it's kinda cute! Plus, it's fun to be bad sometimes? ;)

He keeps me laughing and on my toes.

Though you can't take your eyes off him for a second. When he's quiet he's definitely up to something naughty. He's very mischievous. 

The Joker party definitely suits him. 

Seeing how Aaden is a huge Batman fan, Avery knows who the Joker is. He doesn't call him the Joker, he calls him "Hahaha" which of course I think is hilariously adorable. 

Last, minute I decided to ditch the cowboy and Indians theme and go with something that was way more him! 

Here are the pics:

The party was a blast! I decided to make the cake myself, it didn't come out too bad for my first tall drip cake :)

To add to the craziness, I bought a bubble machine and the kids loved it! I mean who doesn't love bubbles?

This was one of my favorite parties. I couldn't be happier with the way it came out, and how much fun it was. 

I love stepping out of the box and doing a party theme that hasn't really been done. Creating my own theme. 

The look on his face sealed the deal. 

His little Joker grin :)



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