Classic Man Soiree

For my husbands 31st birthday we had a Classic Man Soiree

After-all my husband is a pretty classy guy ;) 

The theme just suites him perfectly. It was pretty much a gentleman's whiskey party. No cigars!

This party was really simple to put together. My best friend lives in a trendy apartment complex, that has a really cool library, equipped with a whiskey bar. Perrrfect! 

Because the room already suited our theme we didn't really need any decorations. All we had were some black balloons, a little cake, and a few bottles of his favorite whiskey (Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey). 

For this party the guests were the decorations. Everyone had to come dressed in their classiest attire. 

It was a great time! In my opinion the ladies made the party extra classy ;)

Thank you to everyone that come! Much love!!