design, graphic design

bet on yourself t-shirt


photoshop class:

T-shirt design:


  1. design a graphic tee in adobe photoshop

  2. layer a minimum of 3 images and text

  3. photoshop design onto a t-shirt.

my design:

I wanted to create a female power t-shirt design.

layered from the bottom layer up:

  • the image of a famous heart graffiti wall in brooklyn, ny- for color, grit, and texture.

  • watercolor tiger image- because duh tigers are bad ass.

  • Sophia Amoruso- the creator of nasty gal and author of girl boss, the embodiment of a self made business woman.

  • the text; “bet on yourself” to complete the message.

*images used are not my own and this design is solely for portfolio // school work use