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3 book cover designs

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typography 2

assignment: find any short story, read it, and design 3 different covers for the short story.

  • first cover: illustration with type

  • second cover: just type

  • third cover: photography with type

must have: short story title. authors name and “stories” or “and other stories” on the cover.

I chose the short story; the man on the stairs by miranda july

summary of the story: a woman is asleep in bed with her boyfriend, when she thinks she hears someone coming up the stairs. as she awaits her possible death, her thoughts begin to race about her life thus far. she thinks about her relationship with her boyfriend and her friends.

….i wont give the ending away. it’s a short story you can read it!

the book is kind of a comedy thriller- dark humor, with a message of course.

my designs:

  1. illustration w/type- i created a line art illustration of a scared woman’s face, with a subtle shadow of man. I am currently drawn to books in the shade of pink i chose for this cover, with the contrast of the dark type. because the book isn’t actually a horror book, i chose not to make the cover look too scary like a horror story book cover typically is.

  2. just type- for this approach i decided to go with a nice clean typeface with long drawn out shadow effect on the type. the long shadows give the type life and movement. the colors are bright and intrigue you to question what the story is about, because the title sounds eerie but the bright colors don’t make you think of a horror novel.

  3. photo w/ type- i used the obvious picture of stairs. i took the photo at the bottom of the stairs in my house. i Photoshoped the image to have a fuchsia tint, gave it some grain and grit, upped the contrast to emphasize the shadows. for the typeface i chose a type that would give it that retro “teen horror” feel.

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20 Differences


digital illustration class

assignment: using adobe illustrator, illustrate a personal emotional memory

using adobe illustrator i digitally illustrated a personal meaningful memory of mine.

the memory: when i was pregnant with my second son i was always really sick, i had severe “morning sickness”. so after returning from the hospital after an episode, i was nauseous in bed. when my then 3yr old son came in the room to check on me. he asked me what was wrong and i told him i didn’t feel well. then he just laid there with me caressing my face and ended up falling asleep with me. it was a special moment for me, not only for obvious reasons (it being so sweet), but it was the amount of love and compassion my 3yr old son showed me just meant so much to me. in that moment i felt that i must have done something right as a mother to have such a empathetic loving son.

the plants, represent growth & life. the universe within in us shows our connection.

the professors last minute assignment plot twist: copy the illustration, change 20 minor things and create a “spot the 20 differences” graphic.