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Drink recipe cards

class: Typography 1

assignment: design recipe cards. can be either food or drinks. has to be a cohesive themed set.

my design: i created a set of cocktail recipe cards. the theme being; they are all tea cocktails. i chose to use the quote “she’s whiskey in a teacup” as the inspiration for the design. these recipe cards are bold and delicate like the strength of women. I chose to use women empowerment quotes mixed female images to tie it all together. the type and layout is meant to feel almost like a beautiful poetry book- using classic serif typeface mixed with modern sans serif. the little details: the handwritten font to give it a feeling as if someone wrote in an adjustment to the recipe.

I wanted this to be something beautiful enough to sit on a bar cart in someones home.

** this is a school project- not for sale- images used are not my own.