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3 book cover designs

Untitled design (1).png

typography 2

assignment: find any short story, read it, and design 3 different covers for the short story.

  • first cover: illustration with type

  • second cover: just type

  • third cover: photography with type

must have: short story title. authors name and “stories” or “and other stories” on the cover.

I chose the short story; the man on the stairs by miranda july

summary of the story: a woman is asleep in bed with her boyfriend, when she thinks she hears someone coming up the stairs. as she awaits her possible death, her thoughts begin to race about her life thus far. she thinks about her relationship with her boyfriend and her friends.

….i wont give the ending away. it’s a short story you can read it!

the book is kind of a comedy thriller- dark humor, with a message of course.

my designs:

  1. illustration w/type- i created a line art illustration of a scared woman’s face, with a subtle shadow of man. I am currently drawn to books in the shade of pink i chose for this cover, with the contrast of the dark type. because the book isn’t actually a horror book, i chose not to make the cover look too scary like a horror story book cover typically is.

  2. just type- for this approach i decided to go with a nice clean typeface with long drawn out shadow effect on the type. the long shadows give the type life and movement. the colors are bright and intrigue you to question what the story is about, because the title sounds eerie but the bright colors don’t make you think of a horror novel.

  3. photo w/ type- i used the obvious picture of stairs. i took the photo at the bottom of the stairs in my house. i Photoshoped the image to have a fuchsia tint, gave it some grain and grit, upped the contrast to emphasize the shadows. for the typeface i chose a type that would give it that retro “teen horror” feel.

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BHCC Student Newspaper Design

Typography 2

assignment: design a front page and 1 featured page of a student independent newspaper for our school (Bunker hill community college) can be any style.

designed in: adobe indesign & the spray paint “art” headline was created in photoshop

my design: i wanted my student newspaper to really feel like it was made by the students for the students. bhcc is directly off the orange line on the T- so i implemented the orange line stop “community college” into my design. which led to me using a graffiti typefaces. the headlines i chose to write were topics I felt were important to the bunker hill students. i really wanted to design a paper that would immediately grab the interest of a student passing by.

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My Story- Digital Collage

freshman seminar class

assignment: effectively create a visual story book telling your story using any medium

my medium choice: digital photo collage, i used photoshop mix app to create digital collage images and adobe indesign to create book with text

my vision: i wanted to be able to tell the highlights of my story through digital collage. i chose to leave cutout edges rough to give more of a traditional collage feel. the reason i chose digital as my medium is because it was an opportunity to combine my love for art, print, and editorial design.

this is my life story so far…

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Betty Magazine


*some of the images used are not my own and this design is solely for portfolio // school work use

typography 2

assignment: design a magazine of your interest. must have: a cover, contents page, 2 pages of feature story, and at least 2 other content pages.

my vision: a magazine for the modern mom- but the other kind of modern mom, not the “pinterest perfect” moms. the moms that are breaking the mold, changing the idea of what a mom is supposed to be. the moms that are unapologetic-ally doing it their way.

the idea was to throw a jab at the old 50’s housewife mom, by photoshopping an old ad and spray painting over her face. The name for the magazine, betty, came from the idea that it was a common 50’s name.

all the headlines and written content were concepts i came up with to show the provocativeness of the magazine. if this magazine was real it would show and support mothers that doing an amazing job but are anything but what society expects them to be.

the images used in this magazine are images found online- except for the photographs of the main feature, i shot those photos of my sister and my nieces.

i used abril fatface serif typeface because it’s so bold and elegant- just how i imagine my readers to be.

i have to admit this was favorite design project- thus far!

you can view it as flip through magazine by clicking here.

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bet on yourself t-shirt


photoshop class:

T-shirt design:


  1. design a graphic tee in adobe photoshop

  2. layer a minimum of 3 images and text

  3. photoshop design onto a t-shirt.

my design:

I wanted to create a female power t-shirt design.

layered from the bottom layer up:

  • the image of a famous heart graffiti wall in brooklyn, ny- for color, grit, and texture.

  • watercolor tiger image- because duh tigers are bad ass.

  • Sophia Amoruso- the creator of nasty gal and author of girl boss, the embodiment of a self made business woman.

  • the text; “bet on yourself” to complete the message.

*images used are not my own and this design is solely for portfolio // school work use