graphic design, illustration, design

Abuelita's Ceviche


class: Visual design lab 2

assignment: create a data graphic about something personal to your life. no rules. creative freedom.

medium: digitally illustration in procreate

the story behind my design: I chose to illustrate my grandmothers ecuadorian ceviche recipe. this recipe is my family’s favorite recipe. my abuelita recently taught me how to make it. overall the recipe is simple- but i remember while learning it felt a bit overwhelming with all of the steps and my notes on how to make it where all over the place because the way my abuelita taught me was kinda all over the place “oh yeah and don’t forget this!”

the design: i chose to illustrate all the food items, because aside from the deliciousness of the recipe- the colors are beautiful. i wanted the illustrations to feel authentic and not perfect. for the written instructions i chose to hand write them instead of using type because i wanted it to feel like a recipe that was written during the chaos of cooking. I felt that the it gave it more of a personal touch. lastly, i chose to add the alpaca to represent the ecuadorian culture. as for the size i chose to make it an 8x10 so that it could be printed as a kitchen wall art.