Push Flowers

layout design for the band pushflowers album; close for comfort on cassette:


special shout out to the band for entrusting me with such an important design job! such a privilege and a pleasure to be able to design something so important to someone <3

…please go check out this amazing band: here

album is available for purchase: here

(artwork by Dan brenton)

p.s. can’t believe my name is on a album design! how dope is that?!


Claudia Cristobal MUA

the logo:

Untitled design (4).png
Untitled design (3).png

branding moodboard:

Claudia Mood board.png

business card

Untitled design (2).png

the website:

Squarespace website I designed for Claudia Cristobal makeup artistry

the concept:

for this design the client gave me complete creative control for her branding and business. because i know her personally- i had the upper hand of knowing what she is like. therefore i really wanted to give her brand a sense of sophistication. she is an amazing makeup artist who has an extensive portfolio of wedding, halloween, and more makeup artistry. my inspiration for her overall aesthetic was an editorial vibe- something elegant enough to be in a magazine. also, a lot of neutral colors so that her makeup artistry could be the focus.

the logo was inspired by the strokes of mascara for the C’s in her initials- almost like forming the shape of lashes. paired with a beautiful classic serif type + a hand scripted font.

you can check out Claudia cristobal makeup & the live site here

illustration, client


artwork & designs created for:

.tribe // IG: @__.tribe

website custom favicon

website custom favicon

what is .tribe?

Tribe is a brunch and beats experience.

a space where .tribes can unite for the love of food, music & arts. Specifically, to the sounds of afro-beats & hip-hop.

the vibe//:

Diversity, Love and Unity & Great Music

my vision: to illustrate a sense of unity love and inclusion.

I also designed the .tribe website :

you can also click here to check it out!