treat yo self: last minute picnic

Eyyy babes! Did ya'll know this week was national picnic week? 

Ya didn't???

Don't worry, I gotchu! 

Picnic soiree-4.jpg

There's something that feels so awesome and fancy about eating outside on a warm summers day, on top of a picnic blanket. 

I mean it's so easy. Just grab yourself a really cute easily portable picnic blankets, I got mine at Target, obviously....

I love that it rolls up and ties into a little bag, easy to carry around or throw in a bag.

Next, all you need is some comida (aka food). If you didn't have time to make those cute little fancy picnic sandwiches, you can easily get some food to go! (Like me who is sometimes a little lazy, so I grabbed food to go from Panera, in my defense I'm always rushing around doing something.)

Grab some paper plates, fruit or whatever you like. But most importantly don't forget the wine! If you don't wanna lug around a big bottle, you can get the little baby wine cute, very picnic-ey

Honestly, the food options are endless. Do you baby girl. 

If you wanna make your own food & are looking for some foodie bites inspo I have a great Pinterest board for ya: click here.  <--- click it, just click it, you know you wanna ;) 

Also, grab some flowers if you're feeling extra fancy. w h y   n o t   t h o ? 

Literally, the easiest thing. Have one alone and clear your head. Or invite yo friends and just chill. Enjoy doing something different. Go to a park, the beach, or have one in the backyard. There are no rules. 

You don't have to wait for any reason to do it, go out and do it just because. Even on your lunch break at work (minus the wine--- unless your job is that cool-- if so hook me up). 

Once again, I encourage you to seize the day and soiree it however you please. You deserve it! 


Picnic blanket: Target 

Outdoor watermelon throw pillow: Target

Straw purse: Target

Skirt also from Target-- on clearance. 

Undercover Unicorn Tee- Jen Zeano Designs  




P.s. this was not a sponsored post. especially not by target, i just clearly shop there way too much... no shame