Bestie Files: Eliane & Melinda

Welcome to the first post of the brand new bestie files series! The point of this series is to highlight the importance of female friendships. How our friends inspire and support us on our amazing journeys in life. My hope for this series is to inspire more ladies to uplift and value each other more. Why? because every girl boss needs her bestie! 

Kicking off the first post is my bestie and I....


Eliane (pronounced eh-lee-ah-nee)

Melinda- we've met ; )

Business name? and/or Instagram handle?

E: @DLace

M: Happy Soiree!!  @happysoiree

Hometown? Where do you live now?

E: I was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, am living in Boston, was fine-tuned in New York City and am soon-to-be adopted by California.

M: Born in Cambridge (MA) and have lived near Boston- Forevaa, I love Boston because it's home, but I'm hoping to skip town in Eliane's luggage- a girl can dream of palm trees right?

How would you describe what you do?

E: I'm a practitioner of all things design—digital design, graphic design, fashion design, jewelry design, breakfast-pancake design (that's a thing, right?). I also worked as an editor of a fashion magazine curating wishlists, designing garments and editing stories.

M: I create wicked awesome thangs for wicked awesome gals! Happy Soiree is a place dedicated to celebrating female friendships and making every day life more colorful!  

What's your personal style?

E: Many of my interests are either very tomboyish or very feminine–with not a whole lot in between–so when it comes to my personal style, I really like mixing up my "opposites". I love mixing leather and lace, military with florals, preppy with punk accessories, baseball caps with dresses, etc... Admittedly, although I do love my stiletto heels, wearing a backwards cap will give me more confidence to be myself than any pair of shoes will.

M: I'd say it's very minimalist.. I love a t-shirt and jeans. Even though I hate pants. I have definitely become one of those people who dress up their face more than their body. Just give me all the makeup!!! 

How did you both meet?

E: We met through a mutual friend at the mall. Ah, the good old teenagers-hanging-at-the-mall days!

M: haha yeah we did meet at the mall briefly- I was SO annoyed because I was at the mall for hours,  (not by choice) so I had a teenage girl stank face. So she thought it was directed towards her and thought I was a bitch, Then I think we officially met/hung out at a club and here we are 11-ish years later- now she knows I'm only a little bitchy ;)

What do you love about her?

E: I love her commitment to her family. I especially love the type of friend that she is and I appreciate her friendship so much. She's the friend that pays attention, that uplifts you when you need it most and tells you the truth, always. It really says so much about who she is as a person.

M: Ooh let's see where to begin- I love her spirit. She is such a passionate person. You can tell when she really cares about something because she looks like a little girl who was just told she's going to Disney but had to wait 2 days to tell anyone. She just bursts with passion and excitement. It's really hard not to get passionate & excited too. She always pushes me out of my comfort zone in a good way. I love her loyalty. & how she loves people and life so hard, she's very caring, it's just really beautiful Speaking of beauty, I love that she's so beautiful and confident but doesn't act like a total douche about it. Bonus points she really makes me laugh. 

what are your favorite things to do together?

E: We've been friends for so long that our favorite things to do together has been everything from our younger years of clubbing together, to chatting it up for hours over yummy cocktails, to relaxing on the couch with her boys. I think at this point, it doesn't even matter what we end up doing together—we always have the best conversations regardless of our surroundings.

M: Sorting through our old pictures- I just can't believe how long we've been friends and all the different life phases we've gone through. We've gone from stilettos to baby heels. We really do have the best conversations, so we just go places we can drink and talk- and where she can order way more food than she can actually eat. 

what song makes you both say YASS this is our song!!

E: Yung Joc, "It's Goin' Down"—I'll let her explain this one haha

M: hahaha this song.....sooo... one night after one of the clubs in Boston, we kinda got into a fight with a group of guys, in a parking lot (we were kinda crazy, but in all fairness they were extremely disrespectful). One of the guys actually punched her in the face, because she was sticking up for one of the girls we were with. Luckily, she didn't actually get hurt,. Wasn't funny in the moment but we laugh about it now.  So anyways after that every time we hear this song we think of that night. "Meet me in the parking lot- it's going dooowwnn" 

what's your favorite movie or show to watch together?

E: I'm a weirdo and haven't had cable in many many years. So every time I come over, she catches me up on the latest shows and I somehow always find myself crying on her couch over Disney movies.

M: Can I just say that I always thought it was cool she doesn't have cable. But yeah pretty much when she comes over, I update her on all the shows. We don't really have our show, because we usually go out instead of staying in. 

Favorite phrase(s)?

E: Every swear in the book. We are the ultimate sailors together.

M: I mean... yes, we might swear a lot, we are just very passionate. Sometimes only the really good swears can express that emotion.

Favorite funny memory together?

E: Her birthday a couple of years ago. It was very low-key and it ended up being just the two of us celebrating it and we had the B E S T time E V E R. We went to this restaurant in Boston called... (I just texted her asking the name of the restaurant. I have the worst memory and she is my precious memory bank)... Max Brenner, that's known for their sweets. Melinda has a sweet tooth and I have a fried-everything tooth, so we ended up obsessing over our food orders, which in my book, is automatically a great memory. But the funniest part of the night was that we went back to her house and ended up having a photoshoot on her front steps (she looked so amazing but she rarely takes pictures, I practically begged her to do it). We just laughed the entire time—the kind of laugh that comes from deep within, and is just pure and utter happiness. Eventually I sat down on the steps next to her and we were having a sisterly moment, looking all fly in our heels and cute hair, when out of NOWHERE, a THIRSTY-A** possum peeked its head out inches from our faces. I basically ran and didn't say goodbye to her. P.S. By possum, I really mean the possum animal, not a slang. I am not that cool.

M: bruuhhh, I'm still always on the look out for that scary ass possum. We have a lot of funny memories, But I'm gonna take it to a mushy one (which is weird because she's the mushier of the 2). My favorite memory is when I was at her apartment late at night super bummed telling her how I felt lost and really missed art, how I thought I lost it, and didn't know how to get it back. Then she walked away came back with a pen & paper and said just try it, do whatever comes to mind. I hesitated because I was nervous about what horrendous thing I would create because it had been so long. She said "Bitch just draw- pen to paper- go!" That was a moment where I knew she was keeper. Only great friends give you a good push when you need it. Wait! Sh*t this was supposed to be a funny memory...umm go back to the song question...that was kinda funny!

How would you say she motivates you in your business and/or in life?

E: Her commitment to surrounding herself with positivity and striving to find the things that make her happy, is very contagious. She knows that I am my own worst critic, so she always motivates me when I need it most. And she always, always keeps it real with me, which has been a big contribution in my personal growth.

M: Well I guess you can kind of see that with that last question. She just inspires me to try more, be more confident and fearless. We always have creative, business, and growth conversations. Those conversations are everything, do you know how hard it is to have a real conversation with people? To have someone that will push you to try amazing things and tell you when you're being crazy. I love that raw honesty. Even if it will make me avoid her for a few days afterwards haha! (sometimes it takes a few days to realize, yeah you right!)

what's something you wish she knew about herself?

E: I wish she knew her own strength. That everything she has ever needed and every solution to any ounce of sadness, is truly already within her. I hope she never forgets how incredibly special and loved she is, every day and always.

M: That she's extremely smart. I know that she knows that she's wicked smahht, But she doesn't give herself credit when it comes to trusting her gut. She over analyzes things a lot, it takes her awhile to come back around and remember she's a baddie & knows what the f*** she's doing. OH! and I would also like her to know that she would look so dope with shorter hair, like a LOB, c'mon just try it once! 

what do you think makes a great friend?

E: A great friend is someone you can trust. Someone I can close my eyes and not ever feel any doubt that they love me. Not because they say "I love you" every day or because of some grand gesture or fancy gift, but because of the little things over the years. It's hard to explain because it's really a feeling that's given—it's knowing in your gut that your friend genuinely wants you to be happy and will act/say anything to help you get to your happy place. That's the greatest gift of all. To know your dear friend loves you no matter what.

M: Someone you can trust, and who is always there to tell you the truth. Not someone who just tells you what you want to hear. Like; "girl- stop over tweezing those brows!" A person who motivates you to be the best version of yourself. Also, someone who will be there even when your lives don't match up perfectly. I love that even though I'm a human mom and she's a fur mom- she's doesn't make me feel left out. She loves my children because she knows they are a part of me (and because they're freaking awesome), but even though they are such a huge part of me, that doesn't mean that's all that I am. I know that might seem like well- duh- but there are a lot of people who bail on you when you become a mom. 

what would you tell your teenage self?

E: Girl. I'd tell her to stop over analyzing everything, but I still do that even now. So I'd tell her to stop being so hard on herself and say "you're doing fine." That she has special powers and a strong will, so be careful what she asks the Universe. I'd also let her know that the biggest fear she has in life, will happen— which is to love deeply but still have it fail miserably. But that once it does happen, she will literally be fearless afterwards. Oh, and eat even more mozzarella sticks. Who cares.

M: ha! So many things.... I'd tell her to slow down on the growing up thing. I'd also tell her that you don't need a guy to make you happy- even though you will eventually find the perfect guy for you. You're stronger than you think. But over everything I'd tell her to stick it out with Art. 

what girls trip is on the bucket list?

E: We need a Miami do-over. We broke up briefly after our last Miami girls trip, which honestly I don't even remember why. So that was lame. I also want to go to Bali together and pretend it's our Eat, Pray, Love trip.

M: Oh man Miami, that trip definitely needs a do-over. But I'm so excited to visit her in LA once she moves. But Bali would be life changing! 

how do you imagine your friendship to be in 10 years?

E: Good God, even better!! Is that even possible?? Is the world even ready??

M: Her answer was perfect. I mean seriously, 


Last question: What's your favorite kind of Party?

E: Themed parties- the most out- there theme, the better! 

M: Dinner parties! By now you should've realized I live for tablescapes, drinks, sitting down, and interesting fun conversations. Oh and lots of confetti- duh!

That's it! I'm SO happy that my girl Eliane agreed to be on the blog and kickoff the Bestie Files series! Love that girl foreva-eva!

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