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goodbye happy soiree...

happy soiree

it has come time for me to say goodbye to happy soiree.

after so many years of blogging, I felt tired of following the standard blogger rules. There are so many people on the internet claiming to be the experts on how to make you an amazing blogger, telling you in order to be successful you have to follow all these standard blogger rules. after listening to these rules and allowing myself to get swept up in it all, i realized i had lost my way. i forgot why i started blogging. it wasn't fun anymore, and it stunted my creativity. + i struggle with anxiety and depression, and all the instagram stuff that comes along with blogging was really messing with my mental health. not fun. i really had to step back and take ownership for my feelings and get rid of the bad stuff, refocus on the good. 

aside from that, i've been planning less and less parties, i've been using my energy to focus more on my family & school. so it really doesn't make sense to focus around parties anymore. I've been taking my time to really self reflect and live more consciously. + blogging the way i was got to a point where i know longer felt like my brand was really me. I DON'T WANT TO EVER FEEL LIKE MY ONLINE PERSONA AND ME IN REAL LIFE ARE 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE. ALSO, I JUST CAN'T WITH ALL THE WHEN TO POST RULES, MY CREATIVITY IS A STUBBORN who does not like to be rushed. plus, after all in my offline life I rebel against ALL the "NORMAL" rules I think are ridiculous. 

after lots and lots and lots of thinking (mostly anxiety driven thoughts) I have finally figured out what it was that I wanted for my blog. i want this space to purely be my creative outlet. kinda like a dear creative diary. I need a space where i can share inspirations, explore my creativity without feeling constrained to a theme or the typical bs that comes with blogging. after all this is my space, i paid for it and i can do whatever i want with it. this is my space to have fun and dive deep into my creativity and just share it with whomever is interested. 


art has always been my first love. as a child i loved going to the art supply store. back in my day, we had pearls art supply in central square cambridge, that was my toys r us. i would beg my father to take my shopping there. I would spend so much of my time drawing, painting, creating books, photography, illustrating fashion -it was everything to me. once i became a teen, i put art behind me, thinking there was no way i could make a living off of art.

in my late 20's i started getting into reading blogs, to escape my unfulfilling office job. then i created my own blog & i realized it was graphic design that i loved. i went back to school and when i began my art classes i fell back in love with art + design. so now i juggle being a mom, wife, and a student designer. 

sometimes it's hard but i feel like this is me honoring the hopes and dreams of the little girl who wanted to be an artist but got lost along the way. if you feel lost i encourage you take a moment and just try to find that little version of yourself and remember those big dreams you had + go after them! 

here's to taking another path on my beautiful upside down crazy fun journey! thanks for following me even when i'm lost <3