Celebrate yourself

Back in January I did something super fearless, and I am so excited to finally share this amazing experience with all of you.

Anyone who knows me, especially those really close to me, knows that I don’t really do the whole “sexy” thang. At least I haven’t for a very long time. However, this January I decided to bring the sexy back.

I decided to have a boudoir shoot with the AMAZING Melissa Luella

I’m not going to lie I was terrified. Never in a million years did I think I would do something like this.

But I did it and it ended up being such an amazing experience. Melissa totally brought out that sexy girl who’s taken the backseat for years.

I am always searching for those moments that can change my perspective or that give me a sense of growth. I’m also always hopeful for meaningful connections with amazing people. When I met Melissa I instantly felt that connection! And then she brought out the Rosé and we were friends fo life! ;)

So today I want to share my overall experience: how it went- why I did it- what I got from it- and why I think you should totally do it!

I knew that this was going to be something I wanted to share on the blog, but I aside from being worried about just how naked I was gonna be in the pics- I also wasn’t sure how it would tie in with the blog.

But remember in that post all about New Year Goals? Well one of them was about being transparent. Well….this is pretty transparent. 

Even after the shoot I was worried about how this would translate on the blog. But then I saw Melissa’s business cards. On the cards it says Celebrate yourself. That’s what Happy Soiree is all about! It finally clicked. This was more than just me taking some pics in my undies and feeling awesome. This was about celebrating myself.

I want to be honest with you, I definitely was worried about taking the pictures because I’m not that happy with myself physically. So I could’ve said no and pushed it out till I was the “perfect” size again. But something in me just kept saying Fuck that, you should do it now. This is going to be something amazing. You can overcome this fear of feeling completely vulnerable.

So I went along and booked the date and time. The night before I barely slept from the anxiety of knowing I was about to take my clothes off in front of a stranger.

But as I mentioned, Melissa was amazing. We instantly clicked! We found things we connected on. I honestly, felt more comfortable half naked in front of her than I do in shoots where my clothes are on! The photoshoot location is this really beautiful room with gorgeous lighting from a large window. It wasn't a dead space, it literally felt like I was at my friends place just taking some pics lol 

To me what Melissa does is really something beautiful. Photography itself is something I always hold high because it’s a skill at capturing life in it’s most beautiful moments. What Melissa does is super empowering for women. Capturing our beauty and giving us a reminder of how powerful we are. Helping us bring out that inner confidence. Embracing who we are. There is nothing more powerful than I woman who knows she is the bees knees! 

But, I mean... how often do we celebrate ourselves? Constantly running around with too many tabs open in our heads, the never ending to do lists, overcoming day to day obstacles, constantly telling ourselves we aren’t doing good enough. When do we take the time to step back and celebrate the incredible person we are? Personally, I barely even take selfies anymore. Which is most definitely a form of self love. And I most definitely never tell myself: wow Melinda you are doing awesome, look at all these things you're juggling and you somehow managed to do a great job! Pfftt...even as I type that my mind is thinking yeah because you're not doing that great homie. 

Even still, through all those negative thoughts I have found something that I do truly love and recognize in myself.  I can say that I truly love my strength. I have been able to overcome so many awful things without letting any of them leave a chip on my shoulder or affect me and the way I live my life. When I saw myself in these photos I was reminded of that strength.

So here’s what I got from the shoot: it was liberating as hell! In that moment you get to just let it out, you're free, and celebrate being a badass woman. You don’t care what the world thinks is beautiful, because you know that you are. You are someone who is loved and gives love. I really felt like I reconnected with myself during this experience. 

Here’s why I think you should do it: because why the hell not? You deserve to feel amazing and have that captured. Whether you’re taking them for yourself or your lover...or both like myself. Now before you say you don't think you can do it, trust me when I say Melissa really makes you feel super comfortable. She will help and guide you through the entire thing. Which is great if you're like me and are super awkward & don't know how to pose (seriously).

I truly believe that every woman should have this experience at least once in their life. Because I really don’t think that a lot of women truly know their worth, even the ones that do, it's definitely not celebrated enough. & that is something that is really missing in the world. If I could swish my magic wand that’s something I would give every woman the power to see their power & value. But since I don’t have a magic wand, I’ll tell every woman I know to go see Melissa and just do the damn sexay thang! 

Even if you don't do it (but you should), I urge you to find a way to celebrate yourself because you deserve you freaking magical being, you!! 

I know I will forever be thankful for this incredible experience, thank you Melissa! Oh and my husband is SUPER thankful too because he really loved the photos ;)




P.S. there's more from this shoot and a little bit of my story on Melissa's site just click here

To book your shoot click here

P.S.S. This would make a pretty awesome Mother's day gift to all the significant other's out there....just sayin...it's kinda a win win