The Bestie Files: Nakia & Alexis

So happy to share with you this weeks bestie file! Nakia & Alexis. Nakia is actually a long time friend of my husband & now mine too ;) she is just so freaking awesome! we love her to pieces! We have been so happy to see her career just take off from her successes in NY and now in LA. We made sure to tune in to her show she produced on BET , (inside the label), it was soo good. It had us creating playlists with all our fave 90's hip songs! Yass girl! we love you keekee and are so incredibly happy for you! well here she is with her best friend Alexis! because every successful woman needs her girl! These 2 baddies are the definition of besties- always supporting & motivating each other every step of the way. They also clearly know how to have a good time.....I'll let them tell it....


Nakia Monet (like NOKIA phone but with an A)

Alexis aka Sexxie Lexxie aka the black Ashley Olsen

Business name? and/or Instagram handle? 

N: @keykeyboomboom & @NakiaTakesNewYork & @NakiaTakesLA

A: which will be launching soon! @AlexisShenelle & @sexxielexxie

Hometown? Where do you live now? 

N: I'm From Brooklyn, NY / Grew up in BAHHHHHSTEN (Boston) and I live in LA now 

A: Was born and partially raised in the peach state, currently residing in Cambridge, MA

How would you describe what you do? 

N: I am an associate producer for television | Online, TV & Radio host | Party and whisky enthusiast

A: During the day I help aestheticians with their postgraduate education. On the side I freelance write for various beauty and lifestyle blogs. Helping women feel better about their skin one post at a time.

What's your personal style? 

N: I would say that I am a Tom Girl. I wear mens clothing but would wear a cute shoe and bag with it and my hair and makeup would be on point. I describe my style like tom girl mixed with punk mixed with homeless chic mixed with 90s. if you put Kelis, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Clarissa Explains it all, Cher from Clueless, Carrie Bradshaw, early TLC, Aaliyah, Nicole Richie, Bianca Jagger, Pharrell, and Rihanna in a blender… that would be my style lol

A: My personal style depends on my mood. To quote a famous TV character Regine from 'Living Single' "I do not wear outfits, I create looks." So on any given day I could give you Bianca Jagger studio 54 realness to around the way girl bamboo earrings at least two pair sass.

How did you both meet? 

N: We met in college our freshmen year. I was so random , I would go up to girls and just talk to them, and Alexis was one of those girls. ! lol like who does that. But i do remember us meeting in college and bonding and we have been laughing ever since

A: We met at PMC (Pine Manor College) I remember she complimented me on my hair and she chatted me up.

What do you love about her? 

N: I Love her kindness man. I had a hard time my first year of college. I was super nice like really really nice, way toooo nice. Alexis and I hung out with a bunch of girls , it was 20 of us it made no sense. some of the girls decided to bully me and treat me like shit, for no reason. One of the girls was roommates with Alexis and would say crazy shit about me around her. I remember one time her ex roommate and her friends were all on AIM (remember AIM) lol on a fake screen name bothering me, and alexis stood up for me and had my back and has always had my back ever since. She's one of the nicest people ever!If you don't have it.. Alexis will make sure you have it. I love her generosity and her honesty. We are both only children with the wildest imaginations. We call ourselves Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen because we are TWINS

A: Her positivity and her legs (no seriously she has a great pair of legs). Kia has been through a lot, and I've been there with her through some of those things, but no matter what was going on Kia always finds a way to stay happy and upbeat. And she's such a social butterfly I wish I had that ability to walk into a room and talk to just anyone. She also has a great sense of humor, she super funny and can do impressions like no other.

what are your favorite things to do together? 

N: LAUGH! we literally crack jokes and laugh non stop lol we love to travel , brunch and party together


A: Literally everything, brunch, vacations, thrift shopping. But I must say going on vacation with her is always hilarious cause we always meet such fun and interesting people, and have a great time doing so.

what song makes you both say YASS this is our song!! 

N: we are both old souls so any thing from the 70s lol oh and some Future ,and Drake .. he is Bae

A: There are so many, "Dispet Anthem" "Just Us" "Suck Or Not" could literally take you on a musical journey.

what's your favorite movie or show to watch together? 

N: We love How to get away with Murder, we watch it and we text in a group chat with our other friend Carlene. Once, ok this might be bad… a longggggg time ago, we went to go see Alice in Wonderland and lets just say we had great time after eating some brownies lol

A: Movie i would say "Hollywood Shuffle" and "Imitation of Life"

favorite phrase(s)? 

N: chile, yassssss, GIRL! ,

A: "Yasss b*tch yassss" "F_ck it up" "You jive turkey"

favorite funny memory together? 

N: LMAO i'm laughing thinking about this. one New years eve we spent with my family at our favorite drag queen restaurant in NYC named Intermezzo. That place is the ultimate turn up. We both got sooooo drunk but I was a little bit more wasted. Our plans for the night were to head to a friends party after the turn up for the restaurant. Alexis drove my car because she was able to function as I was giving her directions. Mind you she wasn't familiar with NYC at all. soooo I fell asleep while she was driving and she had no idea where she had to go. LMAO some how some way she made it, I woke up after the poor thing was lost, woke up like brand new and we started to party all over again

A: There are so many, but I must say my most fondest memory is when we vacationed to LA one year and the whole weekend we pretended to be Puff Daddy and the entire Bad Boy staff, we stayed in character the whole trip and recorded videos it was freaking hilarious.

how would you say she motivates you in your business and/or in life? 

N: Alexis is one of the nicest people on this planet but she does not take shit from anyone and would never let anyone walk over her! That's a motivation, because she teaches me to still be myself, stay the same but make sure the right people have your best interest at heart! She's so creative and I cannot wait for her blog to launch so the world can see how dope she is.

A: She moved across the country without knowing a soul and within a year she's making moves and to me that takes courage and tenacity. I wish I had the courage to do the same thing. She always networking and meeting new people and getting her name out there somehow, without selling herself short.

what's something you wish she knew about herself?

N: How awesome she is! She is the most influential people an people literally fall in love with her when they meet her. I want her to know her greatness and how amazing she is. I look up and inspire to be like her!

A: She's so beautiful and smart and funny and I'm not just saying that because she's my bestie, I'm saying that because I've been privy to her acts of kindness. She also has a great head on her shoulders and she knows her self worth.

what do you think makes a great friend? 

N: A great friend is someone who loves you unconditionally and someone who would never judge you! Alexis has never judged me and I've done some crazy shit lol My friends are all amazing and I am blessed to have them all in my life

A: Someone who is always there even when they're not there. Providing an ear or shoulder when needed.

what would you tell your teenage self? 

N: I would say GIRL! stay true and remain confidant and love yourself. Take your time and have fun! Explore the world and have fucking fun! Don't take anything too serious.. PS… keep laughing baby girl ! Don't stress over boys, do your squats and stay fresh!

A: Network whenever the opportunity presents itself. Don't let the idea of "love" stop you from pursuing dreams and always use cash when you can.

what girls trip is on the bucket list? 

N: London, Paris.. actually anywhere! We both love to travel and I'm excited for the next trip :)

A: St. Barts or the Maldives just 14 days of sun and fun and limited internet access, that way you can fully enjoy the moment.

how do you imagine your friendship to be in 10 years? 

N: MAN! its amazing now , in 10 years we literally will be at brunch laughing our asses off!

A: I imagine in 10 years that we will be at the top of our game career wise, with children perhaps traveling the world still but with a different perspective.

last question: what's your favorite kind of party? 

N: any party that i can have a good time and stand on a table

A: A SexxieLexxie & KeyKeyBoomBoom brunch party! Cause we know how to have a good damn time!

Thanks babes for doing this Q&A with me! we have to all hang asap! You know I love a good brunch! 

so proud & happy for your Nakia! And I can't wait to see the new blog Alexis I know it's gonna rock- I mean did you peep that highlight???!! 

be sure to check them out on IG: Nakia- @keykeyboomboom & @NakiaTakesNewYork & @NakiaTakesLA

and Alexis: @AlexisShenelle & @sexxielexxie and be sure to keep an eye out for the blog AlexisShenelle

You can expect a new bestie file every Wednesday- so stay tuned to see if you're favorite blogger(s)/business girls are next!