The bestie files: Cort & Jenna from a whimsy wonderland

So here we are again with another bestie file...and...I mean c'mon, you girls really didn't think I wouldn't feature my Cali girls did ya? But OF COURSE I asked my whimsy wonderland girls if they would share all the fun parts of their friendship with us! It's no surprise here that I absolutely adore these girls- after all they're in the bestie box! I am dying to get to Cali and hang out with these two! Listen- we have plans...lots and lots of plans- donuts, wine, pretty walls, more donuts, Netflix, and even more wine. YASS! Anyway here are my girls: 


Cortney Moore & Jenna Stocks

Business name? and/or Instagram handle? 

A Whimsy Wonderland/ @awhimsywonderland

Hometown? Where do you live now? 

Cort: I'm from Nashville, TN but live in L.A. now.

Jen: I'm from Tahlequah, OK, but also currently live in L.A.

How would you describe what you do? 

We're bloggers. That entails wearing many hats when you start your own business. We have a lifestyle blog that showcases recipes, fashion, our favorite spots around L.A., what's going on in each of our lives, trends that we're into, and a lot more. We have a common goal to bring whimsy elements into our everyday lives. Elsie de Wolfe said it best : "I'm going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life."

What's your personal style? 

Cort: Ugh, this is such a hard question. Girly. Grungy. Minimalistic. Lots of vintage tees and jeans. Jenna's actually the one who's brought more color into my wardrobe. Before I met her, it was mostly just different shades of black. Ha!

Jen: This is also hard for me because I have many personalities! Sixties. Girly. Edgy. Borderline goth sometimes, but sweet goth. Lots of twirly dresses! Pattern is everything.

How did you both meet? 

Cort: We met through our bridal styling job at BHLDN. I thought Jenna hated me at first, so I was super shy and timid around her. I honestly thought she was a little too cool for me. And then one day, she split her donut with me. And it was seriously just like, instant friendship from there. Jen: It's true...I didn't like her at first. Ha! She's a lot feistier than she looks, which is why I like her. I've never been one to have a lot of girlfriends, but when we started hanging out, it was an instant bffl situation.

What do you love about her? 

Cort: Just SO many things. Her passion and just love for life. Sometimes I feel like she's Snow White. Like she would sing with rabbits and birds just because she's happy to be alive. She appreciates the little things. She's made me braver. She's her own person, and doesn't care to change for anyone. And she made me love wine, and that's probably what I love most. ;)

Jen: This is an impossible question. Maybe it's how empowering she is. Any time I criticize myself, she's quick to tell me what she loves about me. She has the biggest heart ever. She just wants everyone to be happy. She's literally cried with me over a dumb break up. She also has the same weird and twisted humor that I do...that's sometimes (more often that I care to admit) immature and/or inappropriate. She's the Leslie Knope to my Liz Lemon.

what are your favorite things to do together? 

Hike, eat, explore new places, drink coffee, yoga, throw parties, take too many pictures, face swap... but if we're actually being honest...sit at home without makeup or pants and watch netflix, drink wine, and eat cheese.

what song makes you both say YASS this is our song!! 

"Don't go chasin' waterfalls..."

what's your favorite movie or show to watch together? 

Right now, we're watching Breaking Bad together...but just to have on in the background it's FRIENDS, The Office, or Parks and Rec.

favorite phrase(s)? 

I'm not sure if either of us have a favorite phrase...or a favorite appropriate phrase. But, to make each other laugh during photoshoots, we always just say "eggs." You know, like in the voice of Debbie from that skit (The Girls' Room...yeah, we remember) in The Amanda Show back in the 90s. "I like eggs."

favorite funny memory together? 

Cort: I have so many to pick from! One of the best ones though was on my husband's birthday. Let's just say we both had more than one glass of wine. And Jenna proceeded to (attempt to, at least) teach me how to twerk in the (public) hallway of my apartment. So, there's that.

Jen: Again...we've laughed till we cried too many times to count. But one of my all time FAVES is when I tried to surprise her for her birthday this past June. I filled a heart shaped donut with candles and was gonna wake her up on her birthday with it. Cute, right? Welllllll, turns out they were trick candles that contained the fire of a thousand suns. Long story short, fire alarm went off, her dog was going crazy, she woke up thinking her apartment was on was a mess. But we literally laughed for so long afterwards.

how would you say she motivates you in your business and/or in life? 

Cort: She pushes me out of my comfort zone. Makes me try new things. Encourages me to speak what's on my mind and act on what's on my heart. I think that relates to business and life.

Jen: She sees the big picture when I get caught up in the little things. We balance each other out so well. Especially when it comes to business. She always encourages me to try new things that interest me and pushes me when I get complacent.

what do you think makes a great friend? 

Cort: I mean, everything I've already said about her. Again, so many things. One thing I admire so much is how fierce she loves her tribe. Once you've got her love, it's for good.

Jen: I could go on for days about things I love about Cortney. She definitely sees the best in me. Listens when I need to vent, and doesn't mind me basically living at her apartment with her and her hubs. (I literally have a key). #thirdwheelforlife

what would you tell your teenage self? 

Cort: Don't try to please everyone, because you can't, and that's totally fine.

Jen: what she said ^

what girls trip is on the bucket list? 

Bali! Santorini! Paris! We wanna go everywhere!

how do you imagine your friendship to be in 10 years? 

Not much different...maybe with a baby or 2. Or just more dogs.

last question: what's your favorite kind of party? 

The kind that includes lots of balloons, color, wine, and good people. <3

Thank you to the beautiful gals Jenna & Cortney for doing this Q&A with me!

Girl- if those pics don't give you all the happy fun feels- I dunno- you're dead inside bruh- because all that color & fun is giving me life!.  Be sure to check them out at and on their IG: awhimsywonderland