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hiii! I'm melinda rodrigues ;)

i am currently a college student, studying visual design, I'm in love with art + design. i have always loved everything about art, when I was a kid i would draw & paint all the time, constantly practicing my craft. my artistic skills were noticed by teachers and peers, which constantly motivated me to keep trying to get better, because it was what i was good at. i sucked at math & gym class, but i could draw a beautiful leopard. I drew still life, designed clothes, sewed my own doll clothes, illustrated book covers. I was so obsessed with art, that when my father would take me to pearls art supply in central square cambridge, it was equivalent to going to toys r us (sad both stores no longer exist!). As i grew into a teen, i put art on the backburner to focus on teenager f*ckeries.

it wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s sitting in my cubicle unhappy, that I decided to give blogging a try, it was something new, and i got to be creative again. blogging sparked my artsy fartsy fire again. after years of blogging, i realized that the part of blogging that I truly loved was the design & photography aspect of it. so I returned to school to study graphic design.

now here i am happily practicing my craft, constantly learning, connecting with new people, and i feel so fortunate that i found my passion career. I have finally figured out what sets my soul on fire. i feel like this is me honoring the hopes and dreams of the little girl who wanted to be an artist but got lost along the way. 

now i get to use my skills to help other businesses make their dreams look as beautiful as they dream them to be. i love brainstorming with clients on new projects, and nothing makes me happier than when a client gets more than what they were expecting. aside from design, i also love using my camera to capture life’s most precious moments, freezing those memories we never want to forget.



blogger turned designer

*formerly happy soiree; a party blog

melinda rodrigues

you’re still here & you Want to know more? wow ok, here are my Personal details:

who’s the chick behind the laptop? I'm a proud latina -2nd generation american ecuadorian! which makes me exceptionally fluent in spanglish ;) i'm a Libra & a 1986 baby! i’m the youngest 30 something year old, still waiting to grow up. i love to laugh, my humor is sarcastic & ridiculous, sometimes crude, i get it from my father- blame him. i live in a house full of dudes: my husband, the cape verdean hunk pictured above, + my 2 beautiful sons. i live 10 minutes outside of boston. i live in a really old house, that I am constantly redecorating- it's a problem + i am obsessed with organizing!! i think my obsession with organizing really helps my design work.

that’s my story. & this is my little creative space on the big world wide web + if you’re reading this because you want to hire me… i promise i know how to make things pretty & efficient! my goal is always perfection & a happy client!