about me:


hiii! I'm melinda ;)

i’m currently a college student, studying visual design & I'm in love with art + design. i have always loved everything about art. As a child i would draw & paint all the time. little melinda also use to design clothes, sewed her own doll clothes, and illustrated book covers.

I was so obsessed with art, when my father would take me to pearls art supply in central square cambridge, it was equivalent to going to toys r us (sad both stores no longer exist!).

melinda rodrigues

fast-forward to my late 20’s. I took a few “out of order” turns. and now here I am, pretending be a grown up pursuing my dream career in design.

I love so many different styles. at first i thought it might be an issue that i don’t have one particular style, but i’ve actually found it quite helpful when designing. my love for all different styles of design has helped me adapt to different client needs.

the only time my love for different designs gets me in trouble, is when it comes to my home- i’m constantly redecorating & organizing my home. i truly love all aspects of design. especially home design! i’m a sucker for beautifully designed packaging/branding. i’m constantly on pinterest and other sites like behance studying new design trends and ideas. i also have a deep love for photography, taking photos has been a constant love affair of mine. photography definitely ties in design a lot- so i guess it only makes sense that i would love it as well.

when I’m not designing, i’m taking care of my boys or grabbing dinner and drinks with the girls! i think i have a healthy work/life balance.




blogger turned designer

*formerly happy soiree; a party blog

my husband ;)

my husband ;)

my babies <3

my babies <3

Q & a

  • Favorite movie? top of my head: Bridesmaids -annie on the plane is my spirit animal haha

  • what’s your sign? Libra baby!

  • what’s your ethnicity? Latina- Ecuadorian

  • What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday? Absolutely nothing. If it’s special- brunch.

  • Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Italy- if it’s as great as I imagine

  • binge worthy shows? yikes, i watch too much tv…new girl, game of thrones, parenthood, insecure, the handmaid's tale, greys anatomy, grace & frankie, oooh & golden girls is on hulu now!

  • Tacos or Pizza? I love Pizza but I’m gonna have to go with Tacos extra guac!

  • Favorite drink? Currently: hendricks gin basil cucumber gimlet- yuuum!

  • My celebrity girl gang: Gina Rodriguez, Tracee Ellis-Ross, Issa Rae, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, & Betty White

  • favorite typeface? I think I’d have to say baskerville or bodoni, they’re so classic and beautiful, also the families are so versatile

  • Guilty pleasure? Starbucks & Wine (not together)

  • Personal Style? Minimal and casual aka I like to be comfy

  • Favorite song to sing? Last night- Diddy & Keyshia Cole

  • Random Fact- I love to joke around- sometimes i have a hard time being serious

  • Favorite type of party?- Dinner parties, because I love pretty tablescapes, food, dranks, and chit-chat.

  • didn’t you have a party blog? yes, happy soiree was my party decorating business/blog. but i realized that just wasn’t “it” for me. learning experience for sure. i did leave the party posts up on the blog on this site.